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What is B2C and where to find it?

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B2C – Your personal Web Page

After you have entered all of the needed information within the BeeRent platform, your own personal website will automatically be created. This website allows you to send a link to your direct guests, through which they can directly reserve your accommodation units. BeeRent will automatically update all of your connected sales channels, including the ones connected through the iCal calendar.

The link to your personal web page can be found within each registered unit in the BeeRent platform, on the bottom of the General page.

B2C web page

The presentation of your accommodation units on the B2C web page will look as shown on the images below:

Free plan example:

The name of your web page and branding is withdrawn from your Beerent account, under Account Settings, under Owner Data, in the Full Name field. If you are a Premium or Premium Plus plan user, there is a possibility to customize the web page according to your need, for which you need to contact us at

Premium and Premium Plus website example:

Mobile and tablet view:

Background image

On the front page, the photos of your unit that you have marked in our system as the main ones (with the star) are displayed.
(See how to set up the main photo here.)

On the main page, you also have information about the number of units, capacities, available nights and locations. 

Mobile and tablet view:

After that are displayed the accommodation units with short descriptions and their main pictures. If you click the View details button, a new page with the details of the object will open.

Mobile and tablet view:

Underneath is a filed showing you the sales channels that your BeeRent account is connected to.
The last information on the page is your contact details.

Mobile and tablet view:

Search box

In the search box, guests can enter the following information about their stay:

  • Check-in dates and Checkout dates;
  • Location;
  • Number of adults;
  • The number of children.

The search box is available only to Premium and Premium Plus plan users. When the user clicks on the Search button, a new page, with the search results will open.

Tablet and mobile view: