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By clicking on Details, you can edit general information about your accommodation, define each room inside it, and write your own descriptions in the languages you choose.

Information about the object

In the Listing section, clicking on a number opens the Edit box in which you can enter the earliest time of arrival and at the latest the time of the guest’s departure. You can also enter the number of floors and the size of the area in square meters. When you enter the desired number, click on the yellow button to save the data, or to “x” to cancel the changes.


In the Rooms section, you can register rooms that are inside your unit. By clicking on the blue + button a new pop-up New Room window appears, divided into three sections: General information, Amenities, and Beds.

  • In the General Information section, by clicking on the Room Type field a drop-down menu opens where you can choose a room type: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, toilet. Here you can also enter the size of the room in square meters.
  • In the Amenities section, you can indicate which amenities this room provides. You do not make the amenities when adding a room,  how to add an amenity, learn here.
  • In the Beds section, you can define the type and quantity of beds inside that room, by clicking on the number in the Quantity column, deleting that number and entering a new number. When you are finished entering the number of beds, just click anywhere on the side to save that data. If you have made a mistake, you want to change the information later or that type of bed is no longer available, restore the value to 0.
  • After you have entered all the needed information, click on the Save button to register that room. The New Room window will close, and the room you registered will appear as shown in the picture above.

You can add one or more rooms, but it is important you add them inside the desired unit. You can always edit the rooms later by clicking on the Edit button or delete them by clicking on the Delete button.

Note: When you are registering a room, the Room type and Beds field are mandatory, but the amenities field is optional. There is an ‘’Amenities and extra fees’’ section where you will later determine what amenities are available in your accommodation unit, and this section is mandatory. More about the ‘’Amenities and extra’’ fees section, read here.

Multilingual descriptions

The next step is to create a description for your unit in the Description section. Here you can enter text descriptions in eight different languages. The English language is mandatory and this field must be entered.

  • You should write a full description of the object, as well as a short description and a description of the area in which the object is located. You can also add an arrival sheet or some kind of help for your future guests to find their way to the property more easily. It is also important to add rental details, such as general billing and cancellation policies.
  • Enter all the descriptions by clicking on the blue “+” button, the Textbox will open for you to enter the description. Once you’ve finished typing the text, click on the yellow button to save it or “x” to quit.

Note: here you should also describe any additional fees guests need to be aware of or any other type of fine print information.

For the HomeAway and Edomizil portal users:

The objects on our platform have a unique name you entered when creating your accommodation unit. However, the HomeAway and Edomizil sales channel users can enter the name of the accommodation unit in multiple languages in the ‘’Alternative Property Name’’ field. For example, if you enter the name of the unit in the German language in this field, this alternative name will be displayed on all HomeAway and Edomizil sub-portals that support the German language. It is necessary to enter a minimum of 20 characters for the name to be visible.