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This page will guide you through basic functionalities of BeeRent.

Step by step to your first reservation

Follow these steps for a better understanding of where to start when you log in to BeeRent for the first time. Each of these steps is explained below in details:

  • Update and verify your account
  • Create Supplier
  • Create Property
  • Connect to one of the listed booking portals
  • Wait for approval
  • Your property is connected with the booking portal
  • You get your first reservation

The connection between BeeRent and sales channels

BeeRent is completely connected to sales channels.

That means you create and manage your property within BeeRent and the system takes care of sales channels you choose to be connected with.

Your every update of the property (e.g. description, prices, availability) is automatically pushed to sales channels and when you receive a reservation from any connected sales channels, your property will be automatically closed for sale on other sales channels.

Instant booking

Our platform allows sales channels to create reservations for your properties without any pre-approval from your end.

This means that the guest simply come to the sales channel, click to create a booking and the reservation is created within both BeeRent and sales channel.

Once the booking is created, the platform automatically closes calendars of the property at hand on all other sales channels.

Import of pre-existing bookings

BeeRent has the capability to import existing bookings from for all your properties.

I received an overbooking – I received a reservation on a sales channel, but it is not visible in BeeRent, why?

Please review the Main and Extra capacity, as well as the Rate plans you entered in BeeRent and in the sales channel, the information must be the same in both platforms. To view the overbooked reservations in BeeRent, on the “Reservations” page in the “Filters” window select “Overbooked reservations“.