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Private owners – Virtual account

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When the synchronization between your BeeRent account and the HomeAway portal is successfully complete, keep in mind that your accommodation units will automatically be displayed on these HomeAway sub-portals:

Connecting to HomeAway

In case you are a private owner that wishes to list accommodation units on the HomeAway sales channel, please contact our kind customer support team on for further instructions.

Minimal Requirements

To ensure that all listings will be able to connect to HomeAway, please make sure they all meet these basic requirements:

  • Headlines must have at least 20 characters (max of 100)
  • Descriptions must have at least 400 characters (max of 10,000)
  • Each listing must have at least 6 photos
  • Bedroom and bathroom count should be included for each listing as well as a bed count for each room that contains beds
  • An accurate address and latitude/longitude is required for each property
  • Updated calendar and rates information
  • Registration number (in areas where required)
  • Alternative Property Name – The objects on our platform have a unique name you entered when creating your accommodation unit. However, the HomeAway sales channel users can enter the name of the accommodation unit in multiple languages in the ‘’Alternative Property Name’’ field, located in the ‘’Details’’ section inside your object. For example, if you enter the name of the unit in the German language in this field, this alternative name will be displayed on all HomeAway sub-portals that support the German language. It is necessary to enter a minimum of 20 characters for the name to be visible. Read more about the accommodation units details here.

Note: In order for your accommodation to be able to become active on HomeAway, you must have prices created and the calendar open for at least 30 days in advance in BeeRent.
In case you open or close the calendar for more than three years in advance, your listing will be blocked.

Send us a connection request for HomeAway and we will give you easy step-by-step instructions for connecting.

For more details about the HomeAway sales channel and how to manage your account, visit our HomeAway – general information page here.