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Amenities and Extra fees

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In the Amenities and Extra Fees window you can add amenities for guests, that can be charged or not.
To include an amenity in the accommodation unit, you need to click one of the two buttons in the Tools column.

Edit button

By clicking the Edit availability and prices button, a new window opens where you can adjust whether an amenity is available in your accommodation unit and whether it’s free or charged. If it’s charged, enter the amount in euros in the Amount field, and here you can also define if the fee will be charged at booking or on site.

  • If you select the “On site” option, the guest will pay the additional fee on site (upon arrival to the accommodation unit), for example, registration fee, damage deposit, airconditioning or final cleaning.
  • When you choose the “On booking” option, the amenity fee will be included in the price of the accommodation, which means that some of the sales channels will include their commission to the total price of the reservation.

When you finish setting up, click Submit.

Free of charge button

First option:

If you wish to remove an amenity, click on the “x” button.

Second option:

For and Home Away portal users:

For an amenity to be included in the price while booking accommodation, you need to choose the ‘’Pay at booking’’ and ‘’Mandatory’’ options. However, there is a difference depending on the synchronization option you chose while connecting your object to the portal:

  1. If you connected only the calendar and the price list from your object to, and you choose the ‘’Pay at booking’’ and ‘’Mandatory’’ options, the system will calculate the additional charge to the price of your accommodation, which means it will not be visible separately as an additional charge. For example, the price of the accommodation is 100€ and the deposit is 100€, the total amount will be 200€ – this is the amount the guest pays when confirming the reservation.
  2. If your object is on a Content link (you have synchronized the entire contents of the object connected to in the total amount of the reservation the additional charge will be visible. For example, the guest will see that the total amount of the reservation is 200€, but will be able to see that the accommodation is 100€ and the additional price for the deposit is 100€.

For Airbnb portal users:

Some of the amenities, for example, the Cleaning fee, are charged while booking a stay on the Airbnb sales channel, no matter the option chosen on our website (on site option, or on booking option). Before adding the amenities to your listing, read Airbnb’s terms and conditions.