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eVisitor is a unique online information system that connects all tourist communities in the Republic of Croatia and provides daily insight into the state of the tourist traffic, an updated database of accommodation facilities and the providers of accommodation services, real-time reports for statistical and marketing purposes, and a better control of income taxes with the aim of achieving a higher income in the tourism sector.

This application is available to all Beerent platform users who have at least one property on the territory of the Republic of Croatia.

Activation of the E-Visitor application

To activate this application, you must log in to our web site and click on the APPs section of the platform.

Find the E-visitor app and click on the Install button.

A new window will open with information about the terms of use of the app. Once you’ve read the terms of use, tick the field that says you accept the terms of use and click on the Accept & install button to install this app, or the Cancel button to quit.

After clicking on the Accept & Install button a pop-up window will appear with the information about the successful installation.

The following step is to connect your BeeRent account to your E-visitor account. To start the connection process, click on the ‘’settings’’ button.

In the window that has now opened, you need to connect your supplier to the application. Click on the Go to Suppliers button.

After that, you need to set up a link for each supplier in the Supplier section and make further adjustments on that page.

In the new window, you need to enter a username and a password from the eVisitor web site and click on the Confirm button.

Once you’ve successfully connected, in the settings section of the E-visitor application you can now connect your BeeRent properties that are located in the Republic of Croatia with the E-visitor app. In the Id column, you have a Beerent property code, and in the Hotel Mapping column, you need to enter the property from the eVisitor web. When you choose the property, click Connect in the Active column.

The properties can be disconnected at any given moment, by clicking on the Disconnect button in the same table in the Active column.

Your E-visitor account can be removed, if you wish, by clicking on the Remove button, or you can make changes to it by clicking on the Change button.

The E-visitor application can be cancelled at any given moment by clicking on the ‘’X’’ button. Once you’ve clicked on the previously mentioned button, you need to confirm your choice by clicking on the OK button in the pop-up window that appears.

Registration of guests

Registering guests via the E-Visitor app will only be possible for mapped properties (connected properties). You can do it here or you can use mobile application SelfCheckIn.

To register a guest, click on the Reservations section on our platform, and then click on the Tools column.

If the property is connected via the E-visitor app, the E-visitor Check in option will be visible here, and that is the button you need to click.

In the new window that has opened, you need to enter your guest’s information by clicking on the Add new guest button.

Once you’ve entered all the needed information, click on the Save button.

Your guest will be added to the table.

You can modify the data by clicking on the Change button in the Tools column, or you can remove the guest completely from the table by clicking on the Delete button.

Once all of these steps have been completed, your guest is registered to the E-visitor website.

You can also unregister your guest through the BeeRent platform. By clicking on the Check out button in the Tools column, a new window will open where you can select only the checkout date. Click on the Check out button to unregister the guest.

Once you’ve done that, you will no longer be able to modify the data of the unregistered guest.