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How to use a Supplier account

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After you have made a Supplier account (more about how to create a Supplier account, read here), you can use the BeeRent platform to perform the following activities:

  • Close the calendar in two steps;
  • Enter your own reservation with all booking and guest information, which also automatically closes your unavailable dates;
  • Keep records of all reservations that have been confirmed by the agencies you cooperate with and your own reservations, all in one place.
  • You can see what information about your facilities is forwarded to sales channels by the agencies.

How to close the calendar in two steps?

The calendar can be found in every accommodation unit.
On the “Properties” page choose an accommodation unit.

Then click on the “Calendar” page.

The calendar, on which you can see the availability of the accommodation unit, will open. The dates marked green are available, and the dates marked with any other color are not available.

If you have a new reservation, mark the dates you wish to change, and click on the “Booked” option on the right side. To change the marked dates to the booked status, click on the “Save” button.

The term you marked as booked, will also be booked on the agency’s account, as well as on all other sales channels.

How to enter a reservation with the guest details?

Instead of just closing the calendar, you can enter a reservation with all the details your guest provided you with. To do that, follow these instructions:

  • Click on the “Reservations” page.

After the reservations page loads, click on the “Add new reservation” button.

  • Choose the search parameters, and then choose the accommodation unit you wish to book.

After you have chosen a unit, a new window for entering guest data will open. In addition to guest information, you can add some of the Opportunities or Extras to your accommodation. Once you have finished entering all the data, click on the “Save changes” button.

Table view example before the reservation is created:

The entered reservation will now be visible in the table on the Reservations page:

Here you are able to also view the reservation the renter created, and you are able to Edit or Cancel by clicking on the button in the “Tools” column.

Each time you make a reservation through the Add new reservations option, the system will automatically send an email notification to the agency and the renter, also the calendar will be updated automatically when the reservation is entered on all sales channels.