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Notifications – how to send them

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In the Reservations section for a reservation, click the button in the Tools column, and then click on the Notifications button.

A window will open with a list of all system and manually sent emails and SMS.

By entering an item in the Search field, you can search for messages, and by clicking the ‘’New’’ button, a new notification window opens.

In the ‘’Status’’ column, whether a notification is sent or not will be marked green for sent, red for not sent.

By clicking the button in the Details column, you can see the details of the sent messages, by clicking the ”Back to mailbox” button, you will be redirected back to the Notifications window.

You can not repeat the sending of already sent messages.

New notifications

When you wish to create a new notification, click on the ‘’New’’ button in the top left corner.

A window designated for creating a message will open. You can fill in data such as To, Cc, Bcc, while the ‘’From’’ and ‘’Subject’’ fields are not available for editing.

Note: For security issues, you can only use predefined recipients.

After that, you should choose whether to send an Email or SMS by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.

It is also necessary to select the type of notification you wish to send, and accordingly, the ‘’Subject’’ of the message will also change.

In some cases, you will already have predefined notifications, and if so, you can select a template from the next field. Current users cannot create their own templates. If you wish to create a new template, and you are a Premium or Premium Plus plan user, you need to contact us at

Once you enter the message in the large Text box, you can see how the notification will look when it is received by the user, by clicking on the ‘’Preview’’ button.

If you wish to automate your message, you can use the keywords on the right to accelerate the process of creating a new message. A detailed description of all keywords can be found here.

For users of Premium and Premium Plus plans, branding of messages is also available. For this option, please contact us at

Note: The character limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters, however if you include non-GSM characters such as eastern characters in SMS messages, those messages are limited to 67 characters.

Once you have finished editing, click the ‘’Send’’ button to send a notification, and if you wish to cancel the sending of the message, click on the ‘’Close’’ button.