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Step 1

By clicking on Calendar you can manage the availability of your facility.
Before you open the calendar, you need to choose the channel for which you want to change the availability. Click on the Channel field and select the desired option from the drop-down menu. You also need to select the Rate plan by the same procedure.

Step 2

After you’ve set up the desired channel and rate plan, you can manage the availability. Click on the date from which you wish to start the term, and simply drag the cursor to the last date to end the term. After you have selected the desired period select one of the options from the right side of the window:

  • Available
  • Booked
  • Closed
  • On request

Every one of these options closes the selected period for all sales channels, except the green option Available. However, it would be best to use purple Booked to block the already booked date or black Closed for the dates during which you will not rent the unit at all.

Note: The departure date should always remain green Available, which means open for sale.