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How to add a new Supplier?

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 Method 1

On the Properties page, while creating a new accommodation unit you need to choose a Supplier, if the desired supplier does not exist in the drop-down menu, click on the blue “+” button.

 Method 2

On the “Suppliers” page, click on the blue “+” button.

After you’ve clicked on the “+” button, in both cases, a new “New Supplier” window will appear, divided into four sections:


In the basic section, you need to enter general information about the supplier for a particular accommodation facility, such as:

  • Name
  • Phone / Phone work / Fax / Mobile (at least one is mandatory)
  • Email
  • Place
  • Address street
  • Address number
  • Preferred language
  • Legal entity – if you choose Yes, you need to provide a Vat id
  • Code –  this is a code for your internal need so you can enter it yourself


By clicking on “Details” you can enter additional information about the supplier, such as:

  • Url
  • Description


In the Contract section, it is important to enter information concerning your cooperation with the supplier. Here you will determine the following:

  • Validity period – it is necessary to indicate whether the validity period is unlimited or not. If you select Yes, on the right side you need to specify the start date and end date of the contract.
  • Contract type – you can choose one of the provided options:

  a) In its own name and for its own account (Supplier – Rabat)

  b) Supplier – Commission

  • Calculation type – determine the percentage or a fixed amount in euros (per night or by reservation).

You can add additional notes concerning the contract if you wish.


By clicking on “Banking” you can define the payment method:

  • Bank transfer – enter the SWIFT and IBAN numbers, or Other
  • PayPal account – if you choose this option, enter the email address of your PayPal account

After you have finished with the data entry, click on the ‘’Save’’ button to save the information, or on the ‘’Cancel’’ button to quit the data entry.

  1. The suppliers of the properties must register at BeeRent. Please forward the
    registration LINK to them:
  2. After the supplier confirms that he has completed and confirmed the registration, find out which email he used for registration.
  3. Submit a request to open the interface for the supplier at and provide us with this information:
    • E-mail address used for registration
    • Supplier ID

Note: You will find the Supplier ID in the “Suppliers” window:

When the BeeRent Customer Service replies that the interface is approved, from the moment on, the supplier will see in its interface the property you have assigned to it and will be able to manage only the calendar.