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Beerent notifications are informing the agency, owner, or guest about events and their changes related to reservations. They can be sent in the form of HTML email, Text email or SMS, and in the moments of a new reservation, its cancellation or change, as well as reminders a few days before the Check-in guest, etc. The forms and events do not have to be the same for everyone: you can choose different ways of informing that the partner (agency), supplier, or guest will receive.

View active notifications

On our Beerent platform, you can find the final settings of your notifications: what they look like, which of them are active and to whom they are sent. You can view active notifications on the Suppliers page by clicking the notifications button in the Tools column.

Clicking on this button opens a window with an overview of all active notifications related to your account. Active are those notifications that are automatically sent by our channel manager Beerent. The first column indicates the event in which the notification is sent, the second the format in which it will be displayed, and the third the information of who receives the notification.

To see what any of them look like, you need to click on the information button in the last column of the desired notification.

After that, a window will open with the appearance of the set notification, as it will be sent at the selected time. In this example, the notification will be sent to the Partner at the time of cancellation, in the form of an HTML email.

Clicking the Cancel button returns you to the previous window with a list of all notifications.

Edit supplier notifications

If you already have your notifications defined, you are not obliged to use Beerent’s, but you can change them and set new ones instead of ours.

If you want to change the notification or add a new one that is sent only for the objects of a certain supplier: you want special, different notifications for the objects owned by that supplier, you need to click on the notification button in the Tools column on the Suppliers page next to the desired supplier.

After that, select the Edit supplier notifications option.

If you want to change the notification for an event at the agency level, then on the Suppliers page, click on the notification button in the Tools column at any of the suppliers.

After that, select the Edit account notifications option.

Note: If you only have one supplier, you will not have this option, as all notifications will certainly be the same for all objects, so changing that single supplier changes notifications for all your objects at once.

The next steps are the same for both cases.

To enter a new notification, click the Add new notification button.

In the following window, you need to select several fields:

  • Event – the event in which this notification is sent, e.g. reservation received, reservation changed, check-in instructions, etc.
  • Method– the form in which the notification will be sent – Email HTML, text Email or SMS
  • Destination– to whom the notification will be sent – to the agency, supplier or guest
  • Active – whether this notification will be sent automatically or not (you will send it manually if necessary)

When you have finished, click Save to continue.

A new row with just selected settings will be added to the table. If you make a mistake or want to change any of this, click the edit button in the Tools column, or the “x” button if you want to delete this notification.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to delete it, but only deactivate the notification that it is not sent automatically, all you have to do is click on the Yes button in the Active column, which will change to No, and thus deactivate its automatic sending.

Initially, the template (notification content) will be blank, so you need to enter it. You can do this by clicking the “+” button in the TEMPLATE column.

Note: If there is no template for the active notification, then the system will not send that notification. Also, it will not be visible in the list of active notifications.

Clicking the “+” button opens a window for entering notifications. Read at the top that all the conditions are correct, and then fill in the following fields:

  • Name – the name of the notification visible only to you, for easier navigation
  • Default subject– email title – you fill in this only in case you are sending an Email, not an SMS
  • Template text– text or HTML code to create a notification

To create notifications, you can use keywords that change with each booking, and their full list of explanations can be found here.

At any time, you can click the Preview button to check what the notification will look like when someone receives it.

To go back and fix or add something else to the notification, click the Edit button.

When you have finished making all your changes, click the Save button to save the template for this notification.

You can always go back later and edit this template by clicking the edit button in the TEMPLATE column or delete it by clicking the “x” button in the same column.

View system notifications

If you change your mind or make a mistake, you can always look at our predefined notifications. You can view an overview of system notifications on the Suppliers page by clicking the notifications button in the Tools column.

After that, select the View system notifications option.

You can view each of the notifications by clicking on the button in the TEMPLATE column.

Note: For the Check in event, it is set to be sent 3 days before the arrival of the guest. If you want, you can change this on the Account Settings page, in the Account Data section, by moving the circle right-left below the Days before check in to notify field. The change you make applies to all notifications of this partner – it is not possible to change the number of days for each supplier individually.