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Payments and receipts

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Please note that the payment module has been developed to prepare all key information, so you can automatically send payment requests and issue bills to your guests.

Payment details will automatically be generated after the reservation is confirmed by the system payment terms are associated with your: 

  • Details of account settings;
  • Activated rate plan conditions for individual sales channels;
  • Your contract with the supplier.

In light of the above mentioned, please take extra time to set up your conditions with the sales channels within the system because they are related not only to payment details but also to other reports such as a tax report (applicable only in Croatia for travel agencies operating in their own name) and other revenue management.

Payments and receipts

On the Reservations page you can set the details of the payment after you have clicked on the button in the Tools column, and then on the “Payments and receipts” option.

To date, the system has been designed to automatically calculate prices, and prepare invoices for travel organizers and for private owners. You can configure payment details even if you operate on a commission, but you can not generate invoices from the system.

Note: BeeRent has a ready-made reservation API for external billing and accounting systems. If for some reason you wish to continue using an external invoicing system, you can contact us at and ask that our API connects your accounting system with the booking module and payment details of BeeRent.

If you use the BeeRent billing module and act as a travel organizer, BeeRent automatically generates two types of invoices:

1. The first one is from your company to the customer, or to the sales channel (depending on the type of contract made between you and the sales channel that made the reservation). In the Invoice column, you can see who the invoice is intended for.

Example 1:

If the reservation is confirmed by E-Domizil, and E-Domizil charges the guest in their own name, the system will automatically create payment details according to the model for travel organizers, for you to create an invoice to E-Domizil, and not to the guest.

Example 2:

If the reservation is confirmed by and you are the one charging the guest (in your own name and for your account), the payment details will automatically be created according to the model for online reservation portals (which do not charge the guest) and you will be prepared to create an invoice to the guest directly.

Example 3:

If the booking is confirmed by Airbnb and Airbnb charges the client on behalf of your company, the payment details will be automatically created for online reservations portals (which charge the guest on behalf of your company and account) and you will be prepared to generate an invoice to the guest directly.

2. The second part of payment details is the one related to the contract between you and your supplier (property owner). That means that, if you have agreed a rebate of 25% (calculated from the gross rate within the price list) with your supplier (under the supplier module as shown on the image below), it will automatically be calculated and shown in the payment details in each reservation. It is useful for agencies to have a clear view in each reservation how much they owe to the property owner for each specific reservation. You can also automatically generate an invoice in behalf of the supplier (property owner) to your company, so your accounting will have correct real-time information on how much your company actually earns from each reservation. It is also useful if you wish to change the total amount of the reservation, and decide if this will affect only your revenue, the amount that belongs to the property owner, or maybe both.

In the payment details, we have double columns for the percentage and the total amount:

  1. The first one is fixed, and you cannot change it (Original Amount and original percentage), it is automatically generated from the contracts you have set up in the BeeRent system with the supplier (as on the above-mentioned picture from the supplier module)
  2. The second one is flexible, and you can change both the percentage and the total amount (as shown in the image below)

Payment details are also related to the terms and conditions of payment of your rate plans, and the terms and conditions that apply to each sales channel.

For example, for sales channels such as, HomeAway or for your direct sale, when you are responsible for billing a guest, you have an option in your rate plan to create an advance payment in a way that allows your guest to pay an advance when confirming the reservation, and the rest of the amount within a certain period of time prior to arrival. ( example shown in the image below)

The payment details below are divided into two rows:

  1. First, for advance payment in the percentage specified in your rate plan; 
  2. Second, for the remaining amount.

Note: You can change the amount, maturity date or payment method at any time, up to the final issue of the invoice.

Please note that the system is currently set only to EUR, while the conversion rate is based on the middle exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank for HRK – EUR.

Once the payment details are generated, and you wish to change the total amount, you can click on the number in the column  ̋Page ̋ (the percentage below this column is linked to the gross amount of the reservation and will not change the amount of the reservation, but will only have an impact on the amount shown in the payment details later, if you wish to make an invoice);

If you wish to change the amount, you can do this under the column  ̋amount ̋ (the percentage below this column is linked to the gross amount of the reservation and will not change the amount of the reservation, but will only have an impact on the amount shown in the payment details, and later if you wish to issue an invoice).

You can also change the date of maturity for payment, currency display, and method of payment.

You can delete one or all rows of payment details and add new ones to  ̋Generate payment details ̋.

Once you complete the payment details and wish to use the BeeRent billing feature, simply click on the button in the Tools column for each invoice you wish to create.

Note: Once you create a bill, you can no longer change the details of the payment, and if you want to change the booking at a later stage, you will need to delete all created invoices and create new ones, once the change of booking has been completed.

Created invoices will automatically be downloaded to your computer.

Please note that you can not delete existing invoices. If you wish to cancel an invoice, you should click on the Invoices page, where you can see the column Cancellation, and simply click on the ‘’Cancel’’ button for the selected invoice.

You can read more about the Invoices page here.

Below the invoices table, you can find the total amount you need to pay to the supplier, and on the bottom of the page, you can see the amount still due.

Between the two data, there is a table in which you can enter the payouts executed to the supplier. By clicking on the ‘’New’’ button a window will appear where you can enter the executed billings.

Here you need to enter the date when the billing service was executed as well as the amount of the bill, and in the ‘’Comment’’ field you can leave a note if desired. By clicking on the ‘’Create’’ button, a row will be added in the ‘’Payouts to supplier’’ table, and the remaining amount due to the supplier will be reduced or increased for the entered amount.

Note: When you enter the amount paid by your supplier, you must always enter a positive number (+). If you want to enter the amount paid by the supplier to you, then always enter a negative number (-)