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What is a supplier?

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A supplier is a person who gives you the right to sell their properties.

It is necessary to be placed on every object, and if the property is a complex on every child property. In the event that he so wishes, the owner may allow the supplier to access the calendar.

Why do we have this section if you are the only person who sells and also owns the property?

Because Property Managers and Online Travel Agencies (OTA) do not own, they sell on behalf of the owners and they need to create the property and link it with the supplier.

Also, if you decide to add a new property that you do not own (e.g. an apartment of your neighbor) in BeeRent, then you create a supplier (homeowner who gave you the right to sell their properties).

When, on your BeeRent account, you click on the ‘’Suppliers’’ tab a list of your suppliers can be seen.

A new page with a list of all suppliers will open, and you can search it by entering phrases in the ‘’Search’’ field.

You can register a new supplier by clicking on the ‘’+’’ button, more about how to add a new supplier, read here.

For every supplier, in the Tools column, there are three buttons:


By clicking on the first button you can change data about the supplier. A new window will open where you can make the changes, and once you have finished with the entry of new data, click on the ‘’Save’’ button to save the changes, or on the ‘’Cancel’’ buttons to cancel the made changes.


By clicking on the second button in the Tools column, a window will open for setting up the notifications. Here you should enter which notifications, and by what method will be sent to the desired supplier. In the Email notifications column you need to choose which notification will be sent by clicking the button shown in the image below, and then, if the Enabled option is set, you need to select between the Html or Text options by clicking the button beside it.

In the SMS notification column, you should choose whether a notification will be sent to the supplier by SMS by clicking the button shown in the image below.

After you have finished setting up the notifications, click on the ‘’x’’ button.


The last button is used to delete a supplier.

When you click on the delete button, a pop-up window will appear asking if you are sure you wish to delete this supplier. If the answer is yes, click on the ‘’Delete’’ button, if no, click on the ‘’Cancel’’ button.