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Step 1

While editing the details of the accommodation unit, you can upload and edit photos by clicking on the Images button. To upload an image, click on the ‘’+ Add images’’ button, as shown on the image below:

Step 2

A new field will appear that says ‘’Drop files here or click to upload’’.

Choose one of the two following ways:

  1. Click on this field, a window will open for you to search for files from your computer. Find the image you wish to upload and click on Open.
  2. Outside your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, etc.), on your desktop, open the folder containing the images you wish to upload. Click and drag the images on in the field that says ‘’Drop files here or click to upload’’ on your browser.

Step 3

When the uploading is complete, the gallery will be shown as on the image below:

You can easily change the order of displaying images by simply dragging them to the position you want.

Delete image

If you wish to delete a photo, click on the red button on that photo as shown on the image below:

Main image

By clicking on the star sign on an image and moving image to the first place, that image is chosen as the main one. The image with the star sign (as shown on the image below) will appear as the first one when presenting your listing on sales channels, and on your B2C web page.

Image tags

To tag an image, click on the yellow tag mark in each image separately. A new pop-up Edit image tags window will appear.

You will be offered several categories. Choose as many tags as you want or need, by ticking the small box next to the tag.

Image description

You can also add a short description for every image separately. To do this, choose a language on the top of the page and click on the Edit button. A new window will appear in which you can enter and edit text. When you’ve finished editing this field, click on the yellow button to save the text, or the ‘’x’’ button to quit editing.

Entering the description of photos is as important as tagging, as some portals ( for example) accept only tags, while others (Edomizil, for example) accepts only descriptions.

Note: To be able to connect your object to sales channels, you must enter at least 8 images for each unit.