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Review and edit reservations

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You can find a list of all your reservations on the Reservations page. You can save them in Excel or PDF form by clicking on the appropriate button.

By clicking on ‘’Filter’’, and by highlighting the desired fields, you can create a search for all reservations. Then click the ‘’Search’’ button to find the ones you need at that time.

Editing reservations

If you wish to edit a reservation, you can do that on the Reservations page by clicking the button in the Tools column.

These options will be presented here (as you can see in the image above):

  • Modify – edit the reservation
  • Cancel – cancel a reservation
  • Invalid credit card – reporting an invalid credit card to a sales channel
  • No show – reporting a guest’s absence to the sales channel

On the bottom of the page, you can find the total amount of all reservations.


When you click on the “Modify” button, a window with the reservation information will appear, here you can change the information if you wish. To save the changes you’ve made, click on the “Save changes” button. If you do this the status in the “Order Status” column will change to Modified. You can cancel the modifications by clicking the “Cancel” button.

Edit note

By clicking on the “Edit note” button a window will appear where you can add internal notes, such as the expected arrival time of a guest to your facility. When you’ve entered the notes, click on the “Save” button to save them.


If you wish to cancel a reservation, click on the “Cancel” button.

After this, a window will open in which you can mark the ‘’I am canceling this reservation because the credit card used is invalid’’ option, and then click on the ‘’Confirm’’ button to cancel the reservation, or click on ‘’Cancel’’ to quit the cancellation of this reservation.

Payments and receipts

By clicking on the “Payments and receipts” button, a payment information window will open.

More about creating an invoice, read here.


By clicking on the ‘’Notifications’’ button, a window will open with a list of reminders and notifications sent by email or SMS.

More about Notifications, read here.


By clicking on the “Charge” button, a pop-up window appears where you need to enter the amount the guest needs to pay. Once you confirm your bill creation, it will automatically be created and opened as a new page.

Before clicking on the Pay button, please check the information you entered on the bill. If the information is correct, by clicking the Pay button you will open the BeeRent pay system page, designated for payments. More about BeeRent Pay, read here.