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HomeToGo is primarily an aggregate portal that has accommodation from all major booking portals. For a large number of visitors as well as users around the world, it increases the possibility that your accommodation will be booked.

BeeRent is one of the few HomeToGo projects that have direct contracts from agencies or accommodation owners. All accommodations coming from BeeRent is sold directly on the portal, without redirection.

Connection request

If you want to connect with HomeToGo, apply by filling out this form. Once you fill out the form, we will get back to you shortly.

If you already have published properties on HomeToGo via another channel manager, they will be shut down and a new (identical) objects on HomeToGo will appear via BeeRent.

When your property is merged with HomeToGo, a price list for HomeToGo will appear on the Prices page in BeeRent. To keep your property active, switch your status to Connected and enter prices for all seasons.

BeeRent Pay services are required to connect Home To Go – all reservations must be charged through BeeRent Pay.

Additional information

The fee for the portal is 13% + VAT (the user is obliged to calculate and pay VAT in his country).

Rate plan

Currently, only one rate plan is available: the Standard rate plan

  • Rate plan is exclusively 30% immediately after booking and 70% inside 30 days before check-in. If the reservation comes 30 days before arrival, total amount will be charged.
  • 30% is non refundable, no matter when cancellation is made. In case when cancellation happens inside 30 days before arrival, there is no refund. If the reservation arrives within 30 days before arrival, the full amount of the reservation will be charged.

Reservations and cancellations

For all cancellations please follow these steps:

  1. If the guest informs you that he will not come, or wants to cancel, you are cancelling that reservation in Beerent by clicking Cancel button and you have to inform Home To Go about reason of mentioned cancel, including a screenshot of conversation with the guest via e-mail
  2. If Home To Go sends you an e-mail that guest wants to cancel (guests informed them first) then you have to cancel the reservation by yourself in Beerent by clicking Cancel.
  3. If you have to cancel Home To Go reservation because of any reason or because guest did not pay, cancel it in Beerent and don’t forget to inform aggregate site on

All Home To Go reservations are charged using BeePay so please track payments on reservation list. You can check out this link on how to track payments.

Take care of payments of the reservations because when it enters the policy and you didn’t charge them, you have to contact HTG customer service asking them to cancel the booking and to cancel it by yourself in Beerent, in order not to be charged by their commission.

How to cancel reservations:

On the Reservations tab, find your HomeToGo reservation. Click on Tools and select Cancel. That way the reservation will be canceled.

NOTE: You are not allowed to cancel the reservations from HomeToGo without a justified reason. Booking fees will still apply if you cancel an active and confirmed reservation.


Home To Go invoices you get directly from them. If you have a complain on invoice, you can contact them through e-mail

Terms and Conditions

Please also note the General Terms and Conditions of the Home To Go portal:

You can find the list of partners at