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BeeRent is one of a few HomeToGo’s projects that have direct contracts from agencies or accommodation owners. All accommodation that come from BeeRent are sold on the portal directly, without redirection.

To access the portal, BeeRent PAY services are mandatory – all bookings must be processed through BeeRent PAY.

Connection request

If you wish to connect with HomeToGo, make a request by filling out this form: form. After you’ve filled in form, you will be contacted shortly.

If you already have your properties listed on HomeToGo through another Channel Manager, they will be shut down and a new (identical) object on HomeToGo will appear via BeeRent.

Once we’ve connected your properties with HomeToGo, in the Prices tab a price-list for HomeToGo will appear. For your property to be active, switch the status to Connected, and enter prices for your seasons.

Additional information

Portal fee is 13% + VAT (user is required to calculate and pay VAT in his country).

You will not be paying commission directly to the HomeToGo sales channel, BeeRent will do this on your behalf. Booking money will be used to pay the HomeToGo commission. You will receive an invoice from HomeToGo and it will be payable, but BeeRent is making the payment for you so do not pay it. Once a month before disbursements, BeeRent will deduct the amount belonging to the HomeToGo channel from the payments and pay it to HomeToGo, the rest of the amount will be payed out to your account.

Rate plan

Only one rate plan is possible at this time: Standard.

  • 30% will be charged immediately and 70% will be charged 30 days prior to arrival. 30% is not refundable at any time of cancellation. In case of cancellation when the whole amount goes into the policy, there is no refund.


In which cases are you allowed to cancel reservations:

  1. If the guest did not pay the reservation according to the policy
  2. If the guest explicitly asks you to cancel the reservation no matter the reason

Booking Fee of HomeToGo will be avoided in these cases. BeeRent fees will be avoided for the amounts that were not paid.

How to cancel reservations:

In the Reservations Tab find the HomeToGo reservation. Click on Tools and select Cancel. That way the reservation will be cancelled.

NOTE: You are not allowed to cancel the reservations from HomeToGo without a justified reason. Booking fees will still apply if you cancel an active and confirmed reservation.