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Account Settings

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Upon your first log-in, we highly recommend that you edit your account settings as it is essential for you to continue to use the platform.

General info

To open account settings, click on the button designated for the profile picture in the upper right corner, then click on Account settings in the drop-down menu:

After clicking on Account settings you will be presented with a new web page, as shown in the picture below:

It is very important that you enter all the requested information correctly.
The data is divided into five sections:

Login Data

Under the Login Data section, if you wish, you can change your previously entered password.

Note: The User Name should consist of only one word, and the username entered cannot be changed later.

Owner Data

This is a very important section, please be careful to fill it correctly because the information in this section will be sent to sales channels.

If you are a private owner, you should enter your personal information under Owner Data.
If you are a part of a company that manages properties, under the Owner Data section you should enter the information that refers to your company (not your personal information).

The information you need to provide is as follows:

  • Full Name;
  • Code (choose this yourself);
  • Vat id;
  • Description;
  • Phone;
  • Mobile;
  • Email;
  • Fax;
  • Address street;
  • Address number;
  • Country;
  • Place.

At the bottom of the page check whether you are a legal entity or not.

User Data

User Data is where you enter your personal information, regardless of whether you are a private owner or part of a company. (If you are a private owner enter the same information you entered under the Owner Data section).
In the User Data section, you can upload your image. Please, upload only .jpg files.
The information you need to provide are:

  • First name;
  • Last name ;
  • Email;
  • Email1;
  • Email2;
  • Phone1;
  • Phone2;
  • Birthdate;
  • Birthplace.


Note: If you are a part of a company that manages properties, there is no need to upload these documents, but contact us directly.

In the Documents section, by clicking on the rectangle marked on the picture below, you should upload at least three of the documents BeeRent requests:

  1. Proof of rental permit (this is mandatory in order to connect your properties on the sales channels);
  2. Water or electricity bill for the past month (issued for the property you are going to rent);
  3. A picture of you and your identity card (please take a photo so that it is visible that you are the one holding the ID card).

It is important you upload all the requested documents in order for BeeRent to approve the publication of your property.

On the right side of the Documents page, you can see if the documents have been verified by BeeRent.

The documents you enter can not have more than 1 MB.

Subscription Plan

On this page, you can see the packages we offer and the details about the commission that BeeRent will charge. You can also see the duration of the packages as well as whether there are promotions regarding the packages. By clicking on the Subscription plan details button you can read more about the benefits that are included in each package.

The package you are currently subscribed to will be marked as active and underneath it, the expiration date will be indicated.

IMPORTANT: A few days before the expiration of your subscription to the package, we will contact you with the option to extend or change the existing package. If we do not receive a response from you, we will set your account to the Free Package and all of the additional options offered by the Premium or Premium Plus plans will be lost.

If you wish to change your current package before the expiration of the subscription, in the designated window click on the Sign Up button.

A new window will open with the terms and conditions that you need to read by clicking on the links marked on the picture below:

To confirm your request, mark the field that says you accept the terms and conditions of the chosen plan. After you have provided all the documents, click on the Confirm button to send the request or click on the Cancel button to cancel the request.

NOTE: Before sending the request, here you can read which documents are needed for your request to be valid and accepted. You will enter these documents on the Documents page.

By clicking on the Confirm button, the BeeRent customer service team will get a notification about your request and you will be contacted by them to agree on the details regarding the change of your subscription package. In your account on the chosen package, it will be indicated that the request has been sent.

In case you need some additional information about the packages, contact our support team on You can arrange a meeting with our sales team as well as a presentation of the contents of the packages.