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Export API

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Export API can be used in case you are:

  • An innovative IT company that offers its clients web or mobile apps, and wishes to offer them the ability to retrieve accommodations from hundreds of users in BeeRent through just one API connection.
  • A Sales Channel or a new start-up company that wishes to enrich its offer with Instantly bookable properties across the EU.
  •  A company that offers third-party services on its website and also wishes to offer accommodation (for example portals for transfers, excursions/attractions, etc.)

The use of the Export API is available only to Premium and Premium Plus users.

Once you connect your personal web page with BeeRent through the Export API, all data you enter or changes that you make in BeeRent will synchronize to your personal web page.  If a guest makes a reservation on your personal web page, the BeeRent system will receive said reservation in the ‘’Reservations’’ section, and if you wish, you can charge it using the BeeRent Pay services.

The use, as well as testing the Export API is charged, you will receive the information about the amount by email. You can get the necessary technical documentation on request and approval by contacting us at our email