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Revenue Overview

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If you wish to create a monthly report of your booking revenue, choose the Revenue overview report. As a result of this report, a graphical and tabular representation of your monthly revenue of the needed period will be shown.

To create this report, you need to fill in the Date from, Date to, Date type, Channel, Property and Status (confirmed or cancelled) fields. The Date type field determines by which date will that period (from-to) be filtered – by the checkout date, or by the date that the reservation was created. At the beginning, all of the sales channels are selected, you can de-select any one of them by clicking on the one you wish to remove.

Once you’ve selected both of these fields, click on the View report button.

Once the report has been created, you can change the layout of the page as well as the size of the page preview.

The report can be saved in a variety of file types, by clicking on the Save button and then choosing the file type.

You can also print this report by clicking on the designated button, as well as do a search of the report by some parameter.