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When the synchronization between your BeeRent account and the TUI portal is successfully complete, keep in mind that your accommodation units will automatically be displayed on these TUI sub-portals:


The first step for connecting

If you wish to connect your BeeRent account to the TUI villas platform, please send a request from your BeeRent account from the Channels page, by clicking on the Connect button in the Atraveo window and accept the terms of use.

Note: We advise you to click the Connect button only once, otherwise, by clicking it more times you will cancel the already started connection process.

Depending on whether or not you have an TUI account, follow the steps below.

If you do not have an existing TUI account

To connect with TUI you need to fill in some documents and send them to us via email

  • Download and fill the documents from this link;
  • Deliver your personal ID card (both sides);
  • Deliver one invoice for electricity, water or telephone, the address of the property owner must be found on this invoice.

After you have delivered the requested documents at, BeeRent will send an official request to TUI to connect your BeeRent account to your TUI profile.

Note: Once you’ve delivered the requested documents to the email, there is no need to send them to TUI once more.

After BeeRent has sent the official connection request to TUI, their product department team will contact the applicant and send the login data for the TUI Extranet (Owner area). You will need to accept their terms of use and fill in your account data on TUI. After creating the account, TUI will import all properties set to Active in BeeRent.

NOTE: When you click “Connect” in BeeRent -> Channels -> Atraveo: a new price list will be available in the “Prices” section. It is important that you enter prices for the TUI channel because, in turn, the import of your properties from BeeRent to TUI will not be possible.


If you already have an existing TUI account, please follow the procedure explained below:

Step 1

Log in to as an „owner“ using your data.

Step 2

Send a request to TUI for your Owner ID and send it to us by email: A few days will need to pass for the connection to be established, once the connection is established you will get a connection confirmation email from TUI.

Step 3

After you have established the connection, you must connect your units to both platforms.

  • Log into your account on TUI and choose „My Properties“ on the left of your dashboard:
  • Click on the image, name or on the eye icon to open the property:
  • Click on the Tab “Description” and in the “Your own property ID of the holiday accommodation: ” field, insert the BeeRent property ID:

Step 4

You will receive a confirmation by email as soon as the connection has been established and the properties are online.

Note: For the synchronization to be successful you must have units with defined prices for, at least, 30 days, and an open calendar available for reservations, for a period of 30 days in advance (set to the ‘’available’’ option).  

Helpful additional information

If there is some information missing that are mandatory for the objects to be visible on the TUI sales channel, you will receive an email notification about this.

For the object to be sent and visible on the TUI sales channel, it is mandatory that the Country, City, Street, and Number fields are entered for every property, otherwise, they will not be online.

The full property description is mandatory. Properties without full property description are excluded and will not be sent on TUI Villas.

Note: Because of different systems and discount calculation processes, there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the final price between BeeRent and TUI Villas. In some rare instances, the final price can vary from -5% to 5% in difference from the expected price.

Property type

TUI Villas doesn’t support room types like Holiday Park, Resort, Hotel, Room and Hostel. If you want to connect your account with TUI Villas, please choose some other room type.

Amenities and extra fees

Deposit, cleaning fee and tax are now always included. If these extras are not specified for the property, they are sent as included in the price.

Bed linen and towels are mandatory as either amenity or extra. Properties without bed linen will be excluded and will not be sent on TUI Villas.

Energy costs side cost is now always sent as included. If there are any expenses customer wants to specify, he should do so using electricity or heating.

Here you can see which amenities can be sent to TUI VIllas from Beerent and what charge method and obligation setting can be set to each one.

Amenities in BeeRentCharge methodObligation
DepositPer Booking, Per PersonMandatory, None
Cleaning FeePer Booking, Per PersonMandatory, Included
TaxPer Booking, Per PersonMandatory, Included, None
Parking – GaragePer BookingIncluded, Optional
Parking – PrivatePer BookingIncluded, Optional
Registration FeePer Booking, Per PersonMandatory
Washing MachinePer Booking, Per NightIncluded, Optional
DryerPer Booking, Per NightIncluded, Optional
IronPer BookingIncluded, Optional
Bed Linen ProvidedPer Booking, Per PersonIncluded, Optional, Mandatory
TVPer Booking, Per NightIncluded, Optional
TelephonePer BookingOptional
High-speed InternetPer Booking, Per NightOptional, Included
WiFiPer Booking, Per NightOptional, Included
GasPer Booking, Per Night, Per PersonOptional, Included, Mandatory
Air-conditioningPer Booking, Per NightOptional, Included, Mandatory
BBQ GrillPer Booking, Per Person, Per NightOptional, Included
Sauna – sharedPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Included, Optional
Hot Tub – privatePer Booking, Per Night Included, Optional
Pool – sharedPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Optional
Fireplace – WoodPer Booking, Per Night Included, Optional
Towels providedPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Optional, Mandatory, Included
Pets allowedPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Mandatory, Optional
Ski-inPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Included, Optional
Baby CotPer Booking, Per Night Included, Optional
HighchairPer Booking, Per Night Included, Optional
Sea viewPer Booking, Per Night Optional
SolariumPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Included, Optional
BikesPer Booking, Per Night Included, Optional
ElectricityPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Mandatory, Included
HeatingPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Optional, Mandatory, Included
WaterPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Mandatory
BreakfastPer Booking, Per Person, Per Night Included, Optional