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This page will guide you through basic functionalities of BeeRent.

How many properties can I manage with BeeRent?

As much as you have since BeeRent is limitless when it comes to property number!

Is BeeRent suitable for large Property Managers?

Yes, it is! BeeRent is already the main platform for many large Property Managers that manage from 200 to 3500 properties. If you are a Property Manager with more than 50 properties, contact us so we can arrange a dedicated Account Manager for you.

How to add a property?

If you have one or more apartments, rooms, studios in one Property (House, Hotel), you create the property, after which you create one or few apartments, rooms, studios within this property. That way you have created a property complex with one or few units in it after which you fill in the fields (prices, amenities, calendar…) under unit level.


If you have two or more apartments at one address within the same house, you will create one property and within that property, you will create two new units which you name apartments or studios, etc. Each of those two units will have their own description, amenities, calendars, prices, reservations etc.

The same way you will create multiple property complexes under one account.

How can I add a price list for specific sales channel in the Prices section?

After you have registered an accommodation unit, and wish to open the calendar and enter the prices for a specific sales channel, you need to go to the Channels section first and click on the “Disconnected” button on the desired channel. Click on the “Properties” page and choose the accommodation unit in which you wish to enter the prices. In the “Prices” section of that accommodation unit, on the left side, under the “Standard” prices, a price list has opened for the channel you connected.

NOTE: When in the “Channels” section you change the status of a specific sales channel to “Connected”, it does not mean that your BeeRent account is automatically connected to this sales Channel.

More about how to connect your BeeRent account to a specific sales channel, read here.

How to find a unit within an Apartment Complex?

When you log in to the BeeRent platform, on the ‘’Properties’’ page click on the desired accommodation unit (for example an Apartment Complex).

After you have opened the Apartment Complex, click on the downwards arrow button located next to the facility name. A drop-down menu will appear with a list of all the units registered within this complex.

I created an apartment. Can I add new units within this apartment?

To add an accommodation unit within an already existing unit, the property type of the main object must be “Apartment Complex”, “Holiday House”, or “Villa”, it cannot be set to “Apartment”. Inside an apartment, or some other type of property that is not typed: “Apartment Complex”, “Holiday House”, or “Villa” it is not possible to create a unit.