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BeeRent Pay – Registration process

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1. Registration

First, the client must create an account on the BeeRent platform.

2. Installation

The second step is to install the BeeRent Pay application on the APPs page of our platform so that the activation request would be sent.

To activate the BeeRent Pay services, you need to Log In to your account on the BeeRent website and click on the APPs field.

On this page, you will see, among other things, the BeeRent Pay application and you will be able to read the basic information and the price depending on the package you are subscribed to. More about the packages read here, for more information on charging the use of these services, or in case of any questions about the use of the BeeRent Pay services, contact us at

To send us an activation request for the BeeRent Pay services click on the Install button.

Once you have clicked on the Install button, a new window will open in which you can read the terms of use as well as the price list of our services, by clicking on the designated buttons.

The documentation varies depending on the package you are subscribed to, more about uploading the document read here.

For the last step, you need to mark the field that says you have read and that you agree to the terms of use and click on the Accept & Install button to send the activation request or click on the Cancel button to withdraw the request.

If you click the Accept & Install button a pop-up window will appear notifying you that the request to activate the BeeRent Pay services has been successfully sent.

By clicking on the settings button a window will appear with the information about the status of your application, you can close it by clicking on the Close button.

3. Insert documentation

The final step is to enter all the required information in the Account Settings section on your profile.

It is imperative that the client fills in all required personal information, as well as the bank account information so that BeeRent can payout the funds once it’s time.

Our customer support will check the submitted documents as fas as possible, and once your documents are verified the request will be approved. You can track the process through Beerent in the description of the same application.

Note: Once your documents have been approved, you must not delete them from Account Settings.

4. Deactivation

You can send a request to stop using the BeeRent Pay application at any given moment by clicking on the “X” button but you need approval from the support team .

Customer Support will review your request in the as soon as possible and the BeeRent Pay service will be deactivated once the support team confirms it.