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The BeeRent platform is completely free for simple business or small property owners. If you wish to activate advanced functionalities and increase your sales, you can choose one of our Premium Plans.

When you decide to join the BeeRent team, you need to choose which package of services you wish to use.

If you are a private owner that has no need for advanced tools and has less than 3 accommodation units, the Free Plan is perfect for you.

However, if you wish to activate advanced tools and thus increase sales, you can choose one of our Premium Plans and get the first month of subscription for free.

FeaturesFree planPremium & Premium Plus plans

0% – No booking fee

1-2% booking fee


Pricing list:Simple
Copy prices:No
Rate plan:One rate plan available
Multi-rate plans
Email and SMS notifications:
(SMS notifications are charged extra)
Email and SMS notifications as is
Custom email and SMS notifications
Free website:Simple website
Custom branded website
Support:Knowledge Base Knowledge base & instant chat
Properties: Max 3 properties Unlimited number of properties
Supplier access:NoYes
Reporting tool:NoYes
Multiple users:NoYes
API access:NoYes
Clone Property:NoYes
Scraping Content from Channel:NoYes
BeeRent Pay: 

2,5% per reservation + 1€ service fee
Pay-out after check-out
2% per reservation + 1€ service fee
Pay-out after check-out

Premium Plus:
0,5% + Payment Provider fee
Instant Pay-out

Once you create an account, you will automatically be assigned the Premium Package. To see the information regarding your current package or change it, click on the icon with your image on the top right corner of the BeeRent platform, and then click on the Subscription plan button.

On this page, you can see the packages we offer and the details about the commission that BeeRent will charge. You can also see the duration of the packages as well as whether there are promotions regarding the packages. By clicking on the Subscription plan details button you can read more about the benefits that are included in each package.

The package you are currently subscribed to will be marked as active and underneath it, the expiration date will be indicated.

IMPORTANT: A few days before the expiration of your subscription to the package, we will contact you with the option to extend or change the existing package. If we do not receive a response from you, we will set your account to the Free Package and all of the additional options offered by the Premium or Premium Plus plans will be lost.

If you wish to change your current package before the expiration of the subscription, in the designated window click on the Sign Up button.

A new window will open with the terms and conditions that you need to read by clicking on the links marked on the picture below:

To confirm your request, mark the field that says you accept the terms and conditions of the chosen plan. After you have provided all the documents, click on the Confirm button to send the request or click on the Cancel button to cancel the request.

NOTE: Before sending the request, here you can read which documents are needed for your request to be valid and accepted. You will enter these documents on the Documents page, you can read more about this page here.

By clicking on the Confirm button, the BeeRent customer service team will get a notification about your request and you will be contacted by them to agree on the details regarding the change of your subscription package. In your account on the chosen package, it will be indicated that the request has been sent.

In case you need some additional information about the packages, contact our support team on You can arrange a meeting with our sales team as well as a presentation of the contents of the packages.