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By clicking on the Prices section you can start editing everything related to your prices, tariff plans, minimum stay and more.

Step 1

First, define your tariff plans by clicking on Rate plans. Further instructions on how to define rate plans, can be found here.

After you’ve defined your rate plans, you can add a new season by clicking on the blue ‘’+’’ button. By clicking on the blue ‘’+’’ button a new pop-up New season window will appear as shown on the image below:

Step 2

First click on the first date of the season, then click on the last date of the season you wish to enter so that the calendar will open for that season. To save the entered dates, click on the Apply button and once more check if everything is entered correctly.

After choosing the dates, you need to choose a price calculation type, by clicking on the ”SELECT” field under ‘’Price calculation type’’ a drop-down menu will open where you can choose one of the following options:

  • Per night per person
  • Per night per room
  • Per week per person
  • Per week per room

Under the ”minimum stay” is a field where you can choose the minimal number of nights guests need to stay per reservation.  Apart from that, you can choose if the same day check-in is allowed simply by checking or unchecking the small designated box, and the minimum number of days between the last check out and next check-in.
You can also choose the allowed check in and check out days.

Also, Premium and Premium Plus users can choose the allowed check in and check out days.

Note: The ‘’Same-day check-in allowed’’, ‘’Minimum number of days between the last check out and next check-in’’, ‘’Allowed check-in days’’ and ‘’Allowed check out days’’ options are available only to Premium and Premium Plus users. For the Free package users these options will be visible, but will be set to basic settings and the user will not be able to change them.

After you’ve entered all the needed information, click on the ”Add” button to add this season.

The number of seasons you can enter is arbitrary.

Step 3

You can see the defined parameters for each season at any time by clicking on the ”Season option” button, and you can also edit the information here. All changes will automatically be updated on all connected channels.

For Premium and Premium plus users, there is an option to enter different prices on days. You are able to, for example, increase prices only on weekends for 20% or lower the prices for only Mondays for 10% (if you wish to lower the price, it is important to enter the minus sign “-” before the percentage number).

Step 4

When you have entered all the desired seasons, you can start defining the prices.

If in the top left corner of the window you choose the ”Edit the current field only” option, you can edit every price separately.

If you choose the  ”Copy price vertically” option, the prices will copy for all the channels. If you enter a price for a certain rate plan, this price will automatically copy for that same season and the same rate plan for all connected sales channels

If you choose the ”Calculate prices vertically using rate plan preferences option, you may enter only the base prices in the standard channel, and the prices will be automatically calculated, by the previously defined rate plans, for all other sales channels.

Enter the prices by clicking on the designated field, enter the amount in euros, and click on the confirmation button.

Main price:

Extra adult price (only for Premium users):

Extra child price (only for Premium users):

Under the main base price is two price fields, by clicking on the left field you can enter an additional price for an extra adult. The right field is designated for an extra child price.

If you want to delete price, you need to click on price field end enter 0 (don’t leave the blank field).

Note: the base, or standard, price applies to the number of guests entered in the Main capacity field in the General section, while the extra adult price applies to the number of guests entered in the Extra capacity.

Note: The prices you enter should already include commission and channel costs. This is the price that will be displayed to future guests!

Here you can enter the net prices for the supplier. If these fields are left empty, the amount due to the supplier will be calculated according to the agreed price you entered in the ‘’Contract’’ field when entering the suppliers data. If you wish for the amount due to the supplier to be changed for a certain property or just a season, you need to fill in these fields the same way the main prices were entered.

Note: Airbnb prices input

AirBnB works differently from other channels when it comes to additional person costs. In the Airbnb price list, you can not create different prices for different terms, AirBnB only receives one price all year round. BeeRent will always send only one price for the extra person, and it will be the highest price set!

For example:

If you had a daily price set of 10for an extra person per night in june, and a price of 15 € per night in July, BeeRent will send the 15€ price for the whole year.
In case that you combine different season throughout the year, or that one season is set Per Night and another season is set to Per week:
When you have an annual season set to Per night, the price considered is the one you entered, for example 15.
When the season is set to Per Week,  the price you entered BeeRent will divide by 7. For example, you entered 210€ (because it is a weekly price), then the price is 210/7 = 30€, so 30€ will be the price for an extra person per night.
Between these two prices, BeeRent sends Airbnb the highest price, which is in this example  30 €.
So, when someone wants to book an accommodation in the season period set to Per night, this is how the price is calculated: Main_price + 30 * number of nights.

Conclusion: Always enter daily prices when the season is set to Per night, and always enter weekly prices when the season is set to the Per week option. Airbnb is the only channel where the highest price for an extra person is always sent.

After you’ve entered all the prices, you can go back to the Calendar section, where you will notice a price is entered for every day separately.

Premium and Premium Plus Users – Copy prices from year to year

In addition to entering seasonal prices, Premium and Premium Plus users will have the ability to copy the prices from previous years by clicking on the button next to the ‘’+’’ button.

By clicking on the button next to the ‘’+’’ button, a new ‘’Copy prices from year to year’’ window will open.

In the ‘’From Year’’ section, mark one of the last few years that you wish to copy, and in the ‘’To Year’’ section mark one of the following few years that you wish to paste the prices to.

In the ‘’Price difference’’ field enter the difference in the prices between these two years in percentages. Please note that if you want the prices that you copy to a new year to be lower, enter the minus sign in front of the amount, for example ‘’-20’’.

After you have defined the years and prices, if you want, you can mark any of the options below:

  • Preserve day of week (sat-sat) – Preserves the same Start and End day of the season, but not the date. For example, if you wish to copy the prices from 2017. to 2020. and you choose this option, in 2017. the season was from 30.10.2017. (Monday) to 14.04.2018. (Saturday), this season for the new year will open from the closest Monday to the closest Saturday to the date from the previous season, in this case: from 02.11.2020. (Monday) to 17.04.2021. (Saturday). 

If in the year from which you copy the prices, had designated days for check in and check out, the same check-in/ check-out days will be marked in the new year.  

Example below:

  • Copy all prices vertically – You can copy prices by the sales channels, according to the conditions you set in Rate plans.
  • Close all availability on new dates

After you have defined all the necessary parameters, click on the ‘’next’’ button. A new window will appear.

In the table that appears there will be 4 columns.

The first and second ‘’Seasons before’’ columns show the beginnings and endings of the seasons that already existed (currently entered) in your accommodation unit.

The third and fourth ‘’Seasons after’’ columns show the beginnings and endings of the seasons that will appear once you copy the prices in the new year that you chose in the step before.

If you entered something incorrectly you can click on the ‘’Cancel’’ button to quit the copying completely or click on the ‘’Previous’’ button to go back to the previous step.

If all of the entered information is correct, click on the ‘’Confirm’’ button.

After you have clicked on the ‘’Confirm’’ button a pop-up window will appear where you need to confirm the copying. If everything is correct, click on the ‘’OK’’ button.

After everything is complete, a pop-up window will appear that confirms the successful copying of the prices and seasons. Click on the ‘’OK’’ button once again.