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Connecting to E-domizil

When the synchronization between your BeeRent account and the e-Domizil portal is successfully complete, keep in mind that your accommodation units will automatically be displayed on these e-Domizil sub-portals:

Step 1

If you wish to synchronize your BeeRent account to the e-Domizil portal, first, on our BeeRent platform please go to the Channels page and in the e-Domizil window choose currency and click on the Connect button.

Then read and accept the portal terms of use.

Note: We advise you to click the Connect button only once, otherwise, by clicking it more times you will cancel the already started connection process.

After this, please choose if you already have an existing e-Domizil account or, if not, click on New account.

If you choose to create a new account, please fill in the requested fields and click Accept:

  • Commission,
  • Rebate.

If you already have an existing account, please fill in the requested fields and click Accept:

  • Commission,
  • Rebate,
  • Owner ID,
  • Password.

Step 2

By doing this, you have opened the e-Domizil section in the Price page. Please fill in the prices in the e-Domizil price list, and set the price list to the Connected status, to be able to proceed with the connection process.

After you have defined the prices, send a synchronization request to the email:, if you have an existing e-Domizil account send us your Owner ID in the same email.

Your Account Manager will send e-Domizil all the needed information for the synchronization, after which e-Domizil will send you a notification of the successful connection.

Note: For the synchronization to be successful you must have at least 10 accommodation units with defined prices and opened calendar with at least 30 dates set to the available status.

Helpful additional information

For an object to be sent and visible on the Edomizil sales channel, it is mandatory that the Country, City, Street, Number, and Pin on the map fields be entered for every property – otherwise, they will not be online.

For all the rooms to be visible in the description of your object, it is mandatory to enter the rooms size in square meters.

Note: Because of different systems and discounts calculation processes, there is a possibility that there will be a difference in the final price between BeeRent and Edomizil. In some rare instances, the final price can vary from -5% to 5% in difference from the expected price.

Alternative Property Name

The objects on our platform have a unique name you entered when creating your accommodation unit. However, the E-domizil sales channel users can enter the name of the accommodation unit in multiple languages in the Alternative Property Name field, located in the Details section inside your object. For example, if you enter the name of the unit in the German language in this field, this alternative name will be displayed on all Edomizil sub-portals that support the German language. It is necessary to enter a minimum of 20 characters for the name to be visible. Read more about the accommodation units details here.

Guest’s questions

On the E-domizil portal, a guest can ask a question (most often about pets, location, parking, etc.) before booking a vacation. You can accept it or not, with an explanation in English or German.

When your reservations are “instant bookings”, the reservation automatically shows in the Beerent platform and closes the calendar. After that, you receive an email where you need to accept the reservation by clicking the Response button.

At this time you can find details about your stay and expense.

When you accept the current reservation, E-domizil will send you the question that the guest asked. Only after your answer, the reservation will be confirmed for the guest.

If you do not accept the reservation, you need to submit a response form.