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Add Property under complex

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Step 1

To register a new object inside a complex, first, you need to find the complex you wish to edit. Click on Properties to display a list of all objects, then click on the name of the desired complex.

Step 2

After you have clicked on the desired complex, a new web page will open with detailed accommodation. How to modify and update the data, you can find here.

Step 3

Inside of the complex, on the top right corner, click on the “+” button. A New Listing window will appear.

By clicking on the “Clone” button you are able to copy an already existing property if you wish.

If you wish to create a new property, similar to an existing one, Premium and Premium Plus users have the ability to clone properties with their contents.

Once you have clicked on the “Clone” button, a new window will appear in which you need to choose which details you wish to copy from the previous property:

  • Basic property data
  • Rooms configuration
  • Amenities and extras
  • Surroundings
  • Opportunities
  • Prices

If you mark the “Prices” options, a new menu will appear, where you need to choose between these options of copying prices:

  • Own prices – only your own “standard” prices will copy, all other sales channels will remain empty
  • On all active contracts – both your standard and the prices for all sales channels that the previous property is connected to will be copied
  • On all active contracts using rate plan settings – All prices from active channels will copy, once you apply all of the conditions form connected Rate plans

Once you mark all the desired fields, click on the ”Next” button, to cancel the copying process click on the “Close” button.

Once you have clicked on the “Next” button, a new window will appear. In this window you need to choose what will be the type of this new property:

  • Create a new sibling
  • Create new property
  • Create a new child

If you are copying an Apartment Complex or a Villa, there will be one more option available:

  • Choose specific properties

In this option, you will have all the existing Child properties shown.

Once you have chosen the desired option, click on the “Clone” button to finish the copying process. If you wish to cancel the copying process, click on the “Cancel” button, and if you wish to go back to a previous step, click on the “Previous” button.

Once you have clicked on the “Clone” button, a pop-up window will appear where you need to confirm the copying of this property. Click on the “OK” button.

Once the copying process is complete, your new property is ready for further changes of data if needed.

Step 4

Under the New Listing name, the information about the parent complex is written. Make sure you are registering the new unit inside the correct apartment complex/parent.

Please provide some basic information about your accommodation unit in the designated blank fields, such as:

  • Name;
  • Active – check if you want your facility to be active right away or not;

If you check that the facility is active it does not mean you are automatically connected to sales channels. For more details on how to connect your property and make it visible on different sales channels, read here.
Tip: Check YES so you have one less step when connecting the property to sales channels.

  • Property type – This is where you choose the type of property. After you’ve clicked on this field, select one of the categories offered in the drop-down menu;
  • Code – you can create it yourself;
  • Accommodation category – based on the categorization decision;
  • Capacity main – enter the main capacity of guests for this accommodation unit;
  • Capacity extra – enter the extra capacity of guests for this accommodation unit;

Example 1:

If your accommodation unit has a capacity of 3 people, and the same price for all 3 guests or the stay is charged per room, not per person, in the field Capacity main enter 3, in the field Capacity extra enter 0.

Example 2:

If your accommodation unit is charged per person, and has a basic price for 2 guests and an extra price for one more guest, in the field Capacity main enter 2, in the field Capacity extra enter 1.

Example 3:

If your accommodation unit has a capacity of 4 guests, and you’d like to set different prices depending on the number of guests you rent it to (2,3, or 4 guests), in the field Capacity main, for this example, enter 2, in the field Capacity extra you should also enter 2.

  • Location – by entering the first three letters of the location of the unit, a drop-down menu will offer you locations with their postal numbers;
  • Address street;
  • Address number;
  • Supplier – by clicking on this field a drop-down menu will appear with the existing suppliers on your account. If the required supplier does not exist in this list, you can add it by clicking the “+” button (for a more detailed explanation on adding new suppliers click here). It is necessary to be placed on every object, and if the property is a complex on every child property. In the event that he so wishes, the owner may allow the supplier to access the calendar.

This is an example of a properly filled profile:

At the bottom of this pop-up window is a map where you can pinpoint the location of your facility. When you reach the desired point on the map, click and hold for a few seconds the left mouse button, a location tag will appear and you can then release the mouse button.

If you’ve made a mistake while entering this information, or you’ve noticed the mistake later, you can always change it. How to change the information you’ve already entered learn here.

Step 5

When you’ve finished entering all the needed information, to save this information on your account, click on the button Save. If you wish to reset the entered information and start over, click on the Reset button.