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On the General page of a property you can change the features that you’ve entered when creating it:

  • Name
  • Active
  • Property type
  • Complex
  • Code
  • Accommodation category
  • Capacity main
  • Capacity extra
  • Location
  • Address street
  • Address number
  • Supplier
  • Map

You can make the changes by clicking on the already entered information, that will open a field in which the information you wish to edit is inscribed. Once you’ve made the desired changes, click on the yellow button to save, or the ‘’x’’ button to quit.

By clicking on the “Clone” button you are able to copy an already existing property.

If you wish to create a new property, similar to an existing one, Premium and Premium Plus users have the ability to clone properties with their contents.

There are two ways to clone a property:

  1. Form the property list, by clicking on the “Clone” button in the Tools column:
  2. From the “General” field inside an existing accommodation unit, by clicking a “Clone” button:

Once you have clicked on the “Clone” button, a new window will appear in which you need to choose which details you wish to copy from the previous property:

  • Basic property data
  • Rooms configuration
  • Amenities and extras
  • Surroundings
  • Opportunities
  • Prices

If you mark the “Prices” options, a new menu will appear, where you need to choose between these options of copying prices:

  • Own prices – only your own “standard” prices will copy, all other sales channels will remain empty
  • On all active contracts – both your standard and the prices for all sales channels that the previous property is connected to will be copied
  • On all active contracts using rate plan settings – All prices from active channels will copy, once you apply all of the conditions form connected Rate plans

Once you mark all the desired fields, click on the ”Next” button, to cancel the copying process click on the “Close” button.

Once you have clicked on the “Next” button, a new window will appear. In this window you need to choose what will be the type of this new property:

  • Create a new sibling
  • Create new property
  • Create a new child

If you are copying an Apartment Complex or a Villa, there will be one more option available:

  • Choose specific properties

In this option, you will have all the existing Child properties shown.

Once you have chosen the desired option, click on the “Clone” button to finish the copying process. If you wish to cancel the copying process, click on the “Cancel” button, and if you wish to go back to a previous step, click on the “Previous” button.

Once you have clicked on the “Clone” button, a pop-up window will appear where you need to confirm the copying of this property. Click on the “OK” button.

Once the copying process is complete, your new property is ready for further changes of data if needed.

Phone number

On the bottom of the page is the Info window with the phone numbers you entered on the Account Settings page (to learn how to enter this data, click here).

B2C and ICAL

Under this information, the  OWNER B2C LINK and a SUPPLIER B2C LINK will automatically form (more about these links read here), as well as an ICAL LINK (more about ical read here), used to download the calendar to your computer.