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Import API

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If you are a company that has a personal PMS / CMS system and wishes to offer customers a quality connection with sales channels, or if you are a client that already uses a third or personal PMS / CMS system and wants to keep using that system, but at the same time connect it to sales channels via BeeRent, you can use our Import API.

The use of the Import API is available only to Premium and Premium Plus users.

Once you activate the Import API, you can continue using your personal CMS. In the future, all the data and all the changes you make in your CMS, as well as the reservations and availability will be sent to BeeRent via our API, and the BeeRent system will forward this information to sales channels.

The use, as well as testing the Import API is charged, you will receive the information about the amount by email. You can get the necessary technical documentation on request and approval by contacting us at our email