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Supplier Potential

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If you wish to have a list of all your renters and properties in one place with the details of sales and revenues, realized potential, as well as what sales channels properties are connected to, you will select the Supplier potential report.

To get this report, you need to fill in the Date from Sold, Date to sold, Date from potential, Date to potential fields, and in the Supplier and Property fields, select which renters and properties you want to get a report for (if you don’t select one, you’ll get a report for each property in Beerent).

After selecting these fields, click the View report button.

Once the report is created, you can change the page that is displayed and the size of the one page view.

If you want, you can save the report in different formats by clicking the Save button and then selecting a format from the drop-down menu.

You can also print the report by clicking the appropriate button, as well as do a search by a specific parameter.