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iCalendar (iCal)

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Connect via iCal

With some of the sales channels, we do not have the ability to establish full synchronization, but we have made it possible for you to connect the calendar and thus monitor the availability of your facilities.

Some of the channels you are able to connect to in this way are:

To synchronize your BeeRent account with these channels via iCal, you need to copy the iCal link from the bottom of the page within a unit, in the General section, and then enter it into the designated field, on the site of the channel you want to connect to.

Note: Please copy the link very carefully. Make sure that you do not accidentally enter additional space before or after the link.

By connecting your BeeRent account and a sales channel via iCal you establish a one-way connection. You are able to transfer data from BeeRent to the channel you connected, but the changes made on the channel connected via iCal will not synchronize automatically to the data on the BeeRent channel manager.

The only data transferred via this type of connection from BeeRent to the channel is the calendar. If somebody makes a reservation or clears a term in the calendar inside BeeRent these changes will also be visible on the channel with the iCal connection. Reversed synchronization does not apply.

Reservations made on the channel connected via iCal must be manually entered in the BeeRent calendar. More about the BeeRent calendar, learn here.