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The Invoices page provides an overview of all the invoices you created as a user (both active and cancelled), with currently visible information within the module.

On the right side, we can search for invoices according to the Date of issuance or in the Search field according to other data.

You can cancel the invoice by clicking the “x” button in the Cancellation column or download it to your computer by clicking the PDF file in the Export column.

The invoice you have created contains all legal information required by most countries.

Currently, the invoice is set for both English and Croatian. If you have created an invoice for the total amount at once, the invoice will appear as shown on the image below.

If you have created a prepayment invoice, it will appear as shown in the image below.

If you have first created a prepayment invoice, and wish to create a final invoice with the details of the prepayment invoice, the total amount and the remaining amount that needs to be paid, the invoice will appear as shown on the image below.

Below is an example of an invoice issued on behalf of the supplier (owner of the accommodation facility) according to your company.