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BeeRent Pay – Client’s point of view (BeeRent user)

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Every client must become a BeeRent user. The registration process is mandatory and the profile with the client’s properties will be reviewed. Before the client can use the BeeRent PAY service, a proof of the clients business with personal documents must be delivered for review.

Unlike the description of the workflow from the guest’s point of view, from the client’s point of view whether the reservation is a direct reservation or it comes from a sales channel, nothing changes, and therefore only one use-case scenario is described below:

Reservations may come from:

  • Direct sales
  • Sales Channels (, HomeAway, Expedia or RedAwning)

Once the above mentioned requirements are fulfilled our customer support will look over the activation request and approve it as soon as possible. Once the request has been approved you can start using the BeeRent Pay service.

Reservations & Payment process – Workflow

When a guest makes a reservation, the client will be informed each time whether the reservation is charged successfully or not, so that the client knows to act in the case the reservation was not successful.

Both the guest and the client will receive an email notification regarding any card activity:

  1. New reservation
  2. Credit card has been charged
  3. Credit card has not been charged
  4. Credit card will be charged
  5. Credit card has been changed

When a reservation is successfully charged, the notification will look as shown in the example below:

When a reservation is not successfully charged, the notification will look as shown in the example below:

Pay-out and refund cases:

  • When reservations are consumed: meaning, the guests stayed at the accommodation and did a regular check-out. The client is paid-out between the 10th and 15th of the month for all consumed reservations from the previous month
  • When reservations are cancelled by the guest: the client is paid-out the month following the cancellation date. The client is entitled to the “non-refundable” part of the reservation (if any), as the reservation is not be consumed
  • When reservations are cancelled by the client: the client is not entitled to any pay-out and the guest receives a full refund

Each month, between the 10th and 15th, a list of reservations with the service fees for each reservation will be sent by BeeRent B.V. to all clients that use the BeeRent Pay services and must be paid:

An invoice is issued to the client along with the specification:

The payment process can be followed in the Reservations tab on the BeeRent platform, under the Total Price (€) column. Here you can find several payment statuses:

  1. Paid in full – everything has been charged
  2. Charge pending – the card is valid, but nothing has yet reached the charging order
  3. No payment method – either the card is invalid, blocked or there are insufficient funds, etc. In this case, there are three ways to resolve this issue:
    * the guest needs to click on the ‘’Update credit card’’ link sent in the email and enter the details of another credit card, this will result in the new card being charged automatically for the reservation
    * you will cancel the reservation
    * you will choose the ‘’Stop payment’’ option because you’ve made an agreement with the guest for some other payment method
    IMPORTANT: There is no automatic cancellation.
  4. Payment stopped – you have stopped the payment (see point 3.)
  5. Paid partially – a part of the amount has been paid

In the event that the payment status is No payment method and you do not want to cancel the reservation or stop the billing, you can manually send the guest a reminder to update the credit card to successfully make the payment. This can be done by clicking on the button in the Tools column on the Reservations page and then, in the drop-down menu, select Notifications.

A new pop-up window opens where you can see all previously sent emails and SMS messages. You need to send a new email, so you will click on the New button. 

The next step is to create an email. In the To field, select the guest’s email address, then in the Method and Type fields, select Email HTML and Instruct Payment options, as shown below.

In the Template field, you can select one of the following templates:

  • Beerent Payment Instructions 100%
  • Beerent Payment Instructions 70%
  • Beerent Payment Instructions 30%
  • Beerent Payment Instructions 50% – HomeAway Firm Policy (Only if the reservation was created on the HomeAway sales channel)

Click Preview to see how the e-mail you created will look once the guest receives it.

The last step is to click Send to send your email to the guest.

By clicking the Proceed to payment button in this email, you can track the status of the billings for this reservation.

Once the guest updates their credit card, you as well as the guest, will receive an email notifying you of a successful credit change. At this point, our system will automatically try to charge the guests credit card for the amount due.

The sales channel has a special case when the guest creates a reservation for several rooms at once (for example 7 rooms – the total amount of the reservation is 700€). On this reservation will be shown as one reservation amounting to 700€, but on BeeRent it will be divided into individual rooms with the amount of 100€ per room. However, all of the rooms will be charged together, since the bill is sent to the same credit card and it will still amount to 700€, same as on the channel. Once the whole amount is paid it will reflect all 7 reservations made in BeeRent. You can check this by clicking on the “Go to payment” link. If the guest adds or removes a room from their reservation it will be reflected on the total amount needed to be paid, according to the policy set on the sales channel from which the reservation came from.

In case of a virtual credit card on the sales channel, it is necessary that, if there are any irregularities you contact the sales channel directly – not the guest.

On the HomeAway sales channel, the payment model is set to Guaranteed pricing.