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Is BeeRent free?

Check our Premium Services page to know more.

How many properties can I manage with BeeRent?

As much as you have since BeeRent is limitless when it comes to property number!

Is BeeRent suitable for large Property Managers?

Yes, it is! BeeRent is already the main platform for many large Property Managers that manage from 200 to 3500 properties. If you are a Property Manager with more than 50 properties, contact us so we can arrange a dedicated Account Manager for you.

BeeRent currency

At the moment, system currency is available only in EUR (€).

First registration?

To create a new account go to Register or Sign in.
Fill in the requested information. Verify your new account in three steps with:

  • Email verification – You will receive an email to confirm that you are the owner of the email address.
  • SMS – Soon after you fill in the information for the new account, you will receive a message with a 4-digit code to insert on the next page before you will be allowed to enter on the main page of BeeRent.
  • Document upload – When you enter into your back office go to Account settings to upload your identity card, photo, invoice addressed to the property you wish to share. Without it, you won’t be able to share properties on sales channels.

How to verify your account and why?

Most of you need to verify your account on any portal like, Airbnb or HomeAway. With BeeRent you verify your account and ownership once and after that, you can share your properties on any portal.

In Account settings, you will find all the fields you need to fill in. Update all information in fields: Login data, Owner data, User data, and Document.

Login data:  here you can change your login data.

Owner data:  If you are a homeowner and you manage your own properties, fill in the form with your own information. If you are a Travel Agency, fill in the company details.

User data:  here you insert your User profile information.

Document upload:  upload documents (up to 5 files) with a maximum size of 1Mb and in the supported format (JPG or PDF).

Step by step to your first reservation

Follow these steps for a better understanding of where to start when you log in to BeeRent for the first time. Each of these steps is explained below in details:

  • Request connection with channels
  • Update your account
  • Set Rate plans
  • Create Supplier
  • Create Property
  • Connect to one of the listed booking portals
  • Wait for approval
  • Your property is connected with the booking portal
  • You get your first reservation

In which countries is BeeRent available?

BeeRent is available for everyone but the properties must be situated in one of the following countries:

Croatia, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Spain, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Bosnia, Luxemburg.

Can I change my current channel manager to BeeRent?

Yes! Switching from another channel manager to BeeRent is fast and easy.

Where is the “Property ID” located?

The Property ID is located on the ‘’Properties’’ page, in the first column of the table of properties.

Is it possible to change my phone number and email that I entered while creating my account on the BeeRent platform?

You can change the phone number, but you cannot change the email address.