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Smart Calendar

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This calendar is intended for viewing the availability of the hotel structure and it allows you easier monitoring of your room’s occupancy.

On the page that opens a table will appear with a period of 90 days. By clicking on the arrows pointing right or left, you can change the time period shown.

In the first column of the table, you can see how many rooms you have available and you can see their occupation in the header of that same table. Below each date, you will see the number of rooms that are available as well as the number of occupied rooms for that day.

You can change the availability by marking the fields that are below the date where the availability status is displayed.

After marking the desired fields, click on the ”Increase Availability” button to increase the number of available rooms, or on the ”Decrease Availability” to decrease the number of available rooms for 1.

You will notice that values in the Availability status row have changed:

If you wish to close a room so that it isn’t possible to make a new booking for a certain period, you can mark the desired period and click on the ‘’Lock unit’’ button.

Once reservations start flowing in, our software will automatically arrange them so that you have the best possible schedule of availability, with the least possible number of available rooms in short periods.

If the arranged schedule is right for you, you can save the suggestion by clicking on the desired booking and then marking the ‘’Lock order by unit’’ field. The reservations that have been ‘’locked’’ will no longer be rearranged automatically.

However, it is possible that at some moments you may wish to change rooms for certain bookings so that you create a different schedule. You can achieve this by dragging the booking through the table, above or below the room in which the booking was originally placed.

Note: You cannot move the reservations horizontally so that they change the Check In or Check out dates. They can only be moved vertically.

Note: After each move of a reservation or a new reservation, our software will find the best schedule for all bookings that aren’t fixed to a specific room, so that additional moves may occur.

It is possible for you to have availabilities for a certain period, but not in one room, only divided into two or more, with some reservations fixed (Locked). Theoretically, during that period it is possible to receive a reservation, but there is no room in the calendar for the reservation to be placed. Such reservations will come as ”Unassigned reservation” and will be in the first column of this table above all rooms, marked with a different color.

What you need to do now is relocate your other reservations by creating an empty space in which you can place this new Unassigned reservation, or you can cancel it. The third option is to leave it in the state in which it is, and offer the guest to move from room to room during the stay, but in that case, it is necessary to close the calendar, so that some other reservation would not be received for this period.


In the period from 02.05. to 11.05. You have received a reservation as an Unassigned reservation:

After moving the other reservations, you have created a place for this new Unassigned reservation and resolved this conflict.